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Sample Administration

Exploration for oil involves various indirect methods of making projections or assumptions on the viability of prospects. Well samples, either as Core or Ditch cuttings, though expensive, remain one of the direct ways of achieving both visual and mental ground truth on prospects prognosis earlier made on site.


Sample Administration is the cost-effective, safe management of all types of samples (cuttings, sidewall and whole cores). It involves sample collection, registration, treatment, haulage, transfers and/or dispatch at client's request. This service can be rendered at our store/core shed.

Skangix, acting as the Consultant for Ciscon Nigeria Limited , has successfully carried out Sample Administration services for:

  • STATOIL (1988 - 1989)
  • ALLIED ENERGY (1988 - 1991)
  • S.P.D.C (2001 - 2005)

We will be glad to transfer such long time experiences in executing any such jobs as we constantly improve our service to achieve client’s satisfaction. We have the personnel, the tools and a purpose built air conditioned accommodation measuring over 2000 cubic metres that will accommodate any quantities of ditch samples and cores. We have also made room for expansion.

Our team of Well Site geologists, geological interpreters and analysts, and sample administrators will be periodically deployed to ensure we meet and exceed client expectations. Our seasoned tested vehicle drivers will be deployed to move the samples to our core shed (at Warri or Lagos) or to any repository and/or potential laboratory as directed by client.

We take care to ensure samples are not damaged or disfigured during the process of transportation. Skangix will provide the necessary sample bags and appropriate sample boxes as may be requested by clients.


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