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Mudlogging & Well Sitting Services

Mudlogging Services

Mudlogging Services




Skangix offers the E & P industry an integrated mudlogging/gas referencing service as part of its well surveillance and formation evaluation functions.




 Formation Evaluation from the mudlogging perspective encompasses data gathering and analysis of geological and engineering parameters either by manual input or in the form of computerised synthesis of data sets acquired via an array of sensors.




The management of these pieces of information demonstrates the ability to depict an oil well as a graphic display of logs and reports, containing composite information which must serve as a decision making tool.






Most importantly, these information must be available both on the well site and at the base office, accessed in real–time or batch mode and in usable format.











Our personnel have built up technical expertise in mud logging services over the years and have been involved in mud logging a variety of Niger delta fields both onshore and offshore.













Well-Sitting Services

Well-Sitting Services

We supervise & QC data from mudlogging, MWD/LWD, wire-line logging, coring activities, pore pressure prediction etc.

Features include supervision and QC of data from :

  • Mudlogging
  • Wire-line logging

Other special services also include supervision of:

  • Coring activities
  • Pore pressure Prediction
  • H2S and combustible gas monitoring


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