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Intelligent Flow Solutions Limited

Intelligent Flow Solutions was formed in 2010 to be the vehicle for the development and exploitation of the MPDEEP™ and SMARTSAND™ , two software applications developed at Robert Gordon's University in Aberdeen. 

Bringing to the market the combined benefits of MPDEEP™ and SMARTSAND™ via an integrated solution (i-FlowSuite) has thus enabled the integration of managed pressure drilling with intelligent sand management to guarantee flow assurance. 

To meet the growing supply gap in the oil and gas industry by helping to maximise oil/gas field development performance and guarantee flow assurance on a well-by-well basis, proactive Managed Pressure Drilling and Intelligent Sand Management are a key to enhanced oil/gas production and recovery. 

Intelligent Flow Solutions assist engineers in proactive intelligent design, design optimisation, intelligent condition monitoring and process optimisation in real time, both on site and in direct links with the global office operating centers.


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